Energy (Cost) Reducing Technology

THE TECHNOLOGY CONSORTIUM (TTC) features the latest in energy efficiency equipment to the North American market. Countless worldwide installations have dramatically slashed operational costs 20% to 50% ($.20 to $.50 of every Dollar)! These savings are achieved in industrial HVAC systems and other motorized systems.

Proven Energy Saving Technology:

TTC introduced the North American market to this energy reducing technology in 2011. These motor control systems are added to your existing equipment without any changes to your systems! Equipment speed and torque reductions allow motors to run cooler with less shock, wear, and greatly increased life.

The HELP System (High Efficiency Local Processor) changes a single-speed motor into variable-speed operation based on ambient temperature or process needs. Smart-microprocessor technology is 100% safe for HVAC Compressors, does not require any programming, and will dramatically reduce energy consumption. Industrial and commercial HVAC (Scroll & other Compressors) systems, pumps, and other motorized equipment are adjusted by demand, not on-off operation.

The SPEED Series (Smart Power Energy Economizer Device) changes a single-speed motor into a variable torque operation based on process loads while maintaining a consistent speed. This control system is based on NASA technology managed with the latest in Smart-microprocessor technology.


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