Biotech, Foods, & Chemical Products

THE TECHNOLOGY CONSORTIUM is committed to providing you the highest quality process fabrications and manufacturing equipment…


We offer quality metal fabrication of tanks, equipment, and clean design specialty apparatus.  These capabilities include machine design automation of fill & finish, packaging, and assembly robotic equipment.

"We Manufacture Solutions..."

We have successfully served clients in:

Automotive, Biotech, Chemical, Foods, metals, power generation, mining, and other industries...

New energy saving technology:

We recently introduced the latest energy reducing technology to the North American market.

The help (high efficiency local processor) system, changes your single speed motor into a variable speed based on need. This retrofit equipment will reduce energy consumption in industrial and commercial motors.

Certified, independent, 3rd party testing has confirmed electrical savings in excess of 30% while allowing the motor to run cooler and with less shock and wear.

We Manufacture Solutions...